About Us

Recruiting is an art that has been around for as long as there have been businesses. There's a general way that it is usually done, so people often find it odd when we say that we do things differently. We are not your typical recruiting agency.

We work one on one to support our clients to find high performing candidates with excellent attitude and integrity. We don't have a niche market; as of yet we haven't found an industry or role we haven't been able to recruit for. Our goal is to assist our clients to build a solid and supportive team in their business. We want you to have less staff turnover, higher productivity, and improved work culture.

Backed by a research team who developed the assessments we use, and with a combined total of over 20 years experience recruiting, we've been able to determine the most effective methods to use. From writing a job ad that will attract top performers, to how to conduct an interview, we've discovered the most successful and efficient ways of helping our clients find outstanding employees.


Managing Director

With decades of recruiting experience, both with and without the use of our Predictor Profile assessments, Mike has become an expert in the field.

Having run a direct sales company where he was in charge of recruiting thousands of employees in the ten years he was in business, Mike was all too familiar with the frustration of hiring someone who doesn't work out

Then he met our research team, the ones who developed the assessments we now use. He was amazed at the depth of knowledge they had. He was learning information he had never heard before and had never seen anyone use.

He was even more amazed once he began to implement this new knowledge and see it all in action for himself. He then spent years studying the assessments and the information collected in their analysis. He wanted to ensure he had complete and total understanding of the assessments, and the best practices for recruiting.

After 12 years using the assessments, Mike says he will never again recruit a single employee without them.


Client Support Specialist

With a background in accounting at law firms in Boston, Katie has gone through the typical recruiting process herself a few times. In that time she realised that many recruiting agencies had certain tendencies that she felt were in the best interest of the recruiter more so than their client.

Having had that experience, she's now enthusiastic about spearheading a new company with a fresh take on recruiting. Her goal is to facilitate win-win situations between clients and candidates.

Katie has spent the past 6 years diligently developing her leadership and communication skills through her work with Advanced Business Abilities. She's also spent a significant amount of her time, effort, and attention studying any bit of information on our assessments that she could get her hands on.

With a firm understanding of the assessments and our methods for recruiting, Katie has proven to be an asset to the company.

And in case you're wondering, the last name is not a coincidence. Katie is Mike's (much) younger sister.