We're here to support business owners, and one of the best ways we know to do that is to educate them on everything we've learned over the years.

If you want to do all the legwork on your own that's awesome. It will likely be an eye opening experience for you, and attending our How to Hire Great People Who Stay workshop will give you a head start. You'll learn tips and techniques that we've found to be successful when it comes to attracting and interviewing high quality applicants.

We also have a workshop
for Using Our Assessments

If you're wanting to increase your own ability to understand the results of the assessments this workshop will be perfect for you.

We take a different approach to workshops, so please don't think that we'll be at the front of the room talking at you for hours. These workshops will be experiential; you'll be participating in activities that will give you real experience to learn from as opposed to just jotting down notes. This means you'll walk out with knowledge and experience already under your belt.